Key Highlights

Highlights of the indicators and sub-indicators

Indicators score comparative analysis 2014-2015
In the RGS 2016, six indicators improved compared to the 2014 scores. The most improved indicators are Control of Corruption, Transparency and Accountability which performed the best with a percentage increase of + 7.52, followed by Political Rights and Civil Liberties which also improved by + 4.78. Economic and Corporate Governance indicator recorded a + 4.62 increase, while Participation and Inclusiveness, Quality of Service Delivery, and Safety and Security indicators slightly improved by + 1.65, + 0.93 and + 0.66 respectively. Two indicators decreased namely Investing in Human and Social Development -6.66 and Rule of law -2. Due mainly to the introduction of new sub-indicators and variables in Rule of Law and Investing in Human and Social Development and their measurement for better assessment.

The RGS, 2016 compared to the previous publications since 2011
Out of 8 indicators, two (Safety and Security and Control of Corruption, transparency and Accountability) have constantly performed well and scored green from the first edition to the current.
Although Quality of Service Delivery and Economics and Corporate Governance indicators remained yellow as ranking, they have recorded slight improvement over time. Rule of Law is the all time best performer. It has registered a 11.97% cumulative increase in six years, from 67.71%, in the first edition, to 79.68% in the current edition. Investing in Human and Social Development indicator recorded a -7.53% decrease in six years. In reality, this decrease in score does not reflect a regression in performance. It is mainly due to the inclusion of emerging global challenges affecting Rwanda, and related to the climate change and environmental resilience. Those variables have been introduced to drive national foresight, in order to mitigate these challenges of global nature.

Utmost and least performing sub-indicators
On the one hand, out of 37 sub-indicators, 18 (48.64%) scored above 80%, are considered the best performing and therefore ranked in the green color category.
Among these, 4 are of Safety and Security, 4 of the Political Rights and Civil Liberties; whereas 2 are of Control of Corruption, Transparency and Accountability
indicators. In addition, the 3 indicators, the Rule of Law, Participation & Inclusiveness; and Economic & Corporate Governance, each has 2 best performing sub-indicators. While on the other hand, 5 (13.51%) sub-indicators scored below 70% and are, considered to be the least performing and therefore ranked in the yellow and amber colors category downwards. The least performing sub-indicators are of Economic
and Corporate Governance; Quality of Service Delivery; Political Rights and Civil Liberties and Participation and Inclusiveness indicators, which have each one subindicator in the least performing category. Lastly, 14 (37.83%) sub-indicators scored between 70 and 80%.

Most improving sub-indicators
Compared to previous scores, out of 37 sub-indicators, 10 have improved their score by + 5%. The best improving sub-indicator is SMEs development and Cross-Border Trade of Economic and Corporate governance indicator, which has improved by +13.78 % in the RGS 2016.
Also Rights to media freedom, respects for human rights and reduction of incidence of corruption have all improved by 10%. Furthermore, it is worth noting the improvement of 7-8% by civil society participation and vibrancy.

Highlights of the variables: Utmost and least performing variables

Number of best performing variables
All 8 indicators have high performing indicators (above 80%).Political rights and civil liberties has the highest rate of best performing variables 22.2% (18) while Quality Of Service Delivery has the lowest rate of best performing variables with 1.23% (1).

Number of least performing variables
Of 19 variables that scored between 0 and 60 (i.e. Red and Amber), Investing in Human and Social Development has five (5), Economic and Corporate Governance has four (4), Rule of Law and Participation and inclusiveness have two (2) while Political rights and civil liberties and Quality of service delivery have one (1) each in amber. Participation and Inclusiveness have two (2) variables in red while Political Rights and Civil Liberties, as well as Economic and Corporate Governance record one variable in red each.